Digital Subtraction Imaging

We, at Palm Beach Pain, are very proud to share some great news. We just acquired a brand-new state of the art technology to better provide safe care to our patients.

Currently, when we perform procedures to reduce pain, we use fluoroscopic imaging technology. By using X-rays in real time, it allows us to visualize your spinal bone anatomy and guide Dr. Leano in performing  precise injections to help you alleviate your pain. However, the plain fluoroscopic imaging shows us only bony structures, and we also need to visualize vascular structures.

Although the chances are very low, being able to visualize those vascular structures is important because there is the possibility of inadvertently perforating or injecting an artery with an anti-inflammatory medication that can obstruct that artery. This can create two possible devastating scenarios: One is to create a subdural hematoma that may require urgent surgery; the other is to cause ischemia in the artery that supplies the anterior aspect of the spinal cord carrying serious consequences.

Even though the risk of the above adverse events is already very low, Dr Leano decided to acquire a brand new and very expensive piece of equipment just for that reason. The technology is called Digital Subtraction Imaging and it helps us visualize the aforementioned vascular structures, bringing potential risks as close to zero as possible. This technology is not commonly used at other competitor’s offices due to cost, but here at Palm Beach Pain, we consider the safety and comfort of our patients to be of utmost importance.

Please Visit us as we strive to keep your pain under better control using less and less opioids, to the point where opioids are not necessary at all. I, Dr. Leano, can say with confidence that today we are the safest Interventional Pain office in Palm Beach.

Let us Help you get back into the spring of life and make Pain a thing of the past.
At Palm Beach Pain, we keep your pain in the palm of our hands.

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