Regenerative Medicine vs Surgery

Total Joint (Knee, Hip) Replacement Alternative

More than 1 million patients are having a knee or hip replacement every year in the US. Joint replacement consists of replacing a damaged joint with a new joint, usually made of a metal, plastic or ceramic, called prosthesis. Joint damage is caused by osteoarthritis, injuries and other diseases that cause joint wear. This surgery is usually considered after other treatments cannot improve symptoms. The rate of success is in the range of 90% and like any other surgery, it carries risks. Complications related to major joint replacement (hip or knee) are in the range of 4.5% in patients under age 65 and is more than double for older adults. Complications include:

Regenerative Medicine has the potential to fully heal damaged tissues and organs. There are few alternatives to help regenerate your damaged tissue. None of these alternatives are approved by the FDA, but some are more “accepted” than others. Those that involve manipulation of tissues or cells are considered experimental and are less accepted. The author, Dr. Leano, prefers the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), which is the most “accepted” on the eyes of the FDA. In some cases, especially in patients older than 70 years old, he combines PRP to other technique. All those available techniques are very well accepted and recommended by the scientific medical community. Not all the techniques have been widely adopted by all physicians, and Dr. Leano, at Palm Beach Pain LLC, uses only the most accepted and used techniques by the medical community. The procedure is extremely minimally invasive, and the risk of complications is minimal as well. The rate of success is in the range of 90 to 95% and the risk of infection is nil.

Total major joint replacement is a great procedure to recover the function of that joint damaged by osteoarthritis, trauma or other disease. But it carries complications and must be considered as the last resource of treatment. It is wise to try a Regenerative Medicine procedure before undergoing a major surgery. Please call (561) 248 1166 for an appointment to see if you are a candidate for Regenerative Medicine.

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